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Character prompting

Image Generation  ✺  Midjourney  ✺  Stable Diffusion  ✺  AI Art  ✺  Intermediate

Prompt inspiration for Midjourney and Stable Diffusion

minimalist vector illustration of cute mini sloth sleeping, happy face, full body, outline rendering, strong thick outline, bright colours --ar 1:1 --v 5
tiny cute isometric sloth emoji, in human everyday situation, soft lighting, soft pastel colors, 3D icon clay render, blender 3D, pastel background --v 5
cute, happy isometric [character] for children's books, everyday situations, soft pastel colors, 3D clay render, blender 3D, pastel background, minimalist design, and friendly expressions to captivate young readers' imagination --v 5
high fashion portrait shot of hipster sloth, symmetrical lines, curved mirrors, neoclassical style, ultra-realistic, hyper-detailed, taken with hasselblad --ar 3:2 --style raw